Smiling faces after a successful christmas recital at Place des Arts 2018.

Smiling faces after a successful christmas recital at Place des Arts 2018.


Tina is a great pianist and an amazing teacher. Especially outstanding is her love for detail, both in teaching and when it comes to judge the students performance. Thereby she already brought a lot of things to my conciousness which I have not thought of or which I had failed to hear before. This alone has yet helped me a lot to play better. She is also very talented in and takes great care of adapting to the students individual style of learning. Not only does she always have the right exercises at hand that help to overcome a specific deficit, she also sees what is going wrong when I seem to be stuck with something. Her knowledge of playing techniques and performance styles also leaves nothing to be desired. She also thinks in a very musical way and reflects on what is the best way to play an individual piece, she does not just apply standards. Her love for making a piece sound as great as possible is very encouraging and inspires me every time I play.
— T. Werner, Music Theorist and Composer
My son Maximilian Ohlmer (he is now 8 years old) was a pupil of Mrs. Nguyen at the Clara-Schumann-Conservatory in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Maximilian began playing piano at the age of six and Mrs. Nguyen was his first teacher. He had weekly piano lessons during the period January 2016 till January 2018. I can highly recommend Mrs. Nguyen as a piano teacher. She can deal excellently with children and really encouraged Maximilian to practise and play the piano with great joy. After two years with Mrs. Nguyen as teacher Maximilian is able to play quite complex piano pieces in front of an audience.

We are very sad that Mrs. Nguyen left Duesseldorf/Germany but respect her decision to emigrate to Canada.
— R. Ohlmer, Maximilians's mother
I was very lucky to have had Tina as a piano teacher. At the age of 24 I finally wanted to start playing the piano and I could not have found a better teacher! Because of a genetic visual impairment my sight is at 10%, which means I am hardly able to read music sheets. Tina always reacted very sensitively to my disability by shifting the focus of the classes to learning by ear and she always made sure she printed additional sheets extra large. She always accomodated to my wishes, which music pieces I wanted to learn. She worked with hearing excercises and I have also learned a lot of technical details like fingerings, hand, finger and body posture. Because Tina holds a Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degree, she does not only have her musical talent, but can also give a lot of background information on every piece. With Tina as a piano teacher I always felt comfortable because she is patient, kind hearted and friendly so that I had the opportunity to learn the piano in a pleasant atmosphere. Since Tina and I both have moved, I now have a new piano teacher who is very impressed with my piano skills and my musicality and I know that I owe the biggest part to Tina.
— S. Kuestner, Artist
Ms Nguyen is a teacher who impersonates the perfect balance between a strict and motivating attitude. The lessons were good and challenging. She never settled at a mediocre performance and motivated me to perform the best I could.
The best thing about the lessons were that they pleased me. She taught me to read music, which is the most important step, in my opinion, in being able to be satisfied with ones own musical performances, in that you are not dependant on others.
All in all, it was a great experience working together with Miss Nguyen and I recommend her lessons to anyone.
— J. Dreckhoff, High school student
When Miss Nguyen started teaching our son Johannes, he was 14 and had already had piano lessons for about 5 years. His teacher was about to retire and our son asked us to quit the lessons, because he wasn’t interested any longer. We persuaded him to hold on for another 6 months and I was honestly hoping that in expectance of a new teacher new brooms sweeps clean. And that’s exactly what happened!

First, Miss Nguyen taught him to read music (which he couldn’t, even after five years!) and she then started teaching him a proper musical knowledge. I was not present during the lessons, but I remarked very soon that our son exercised voluntarily every day and made immediate and huge progress during the next 2 1/2 years. Before Miss Nguyen departed to Canada, they played Debussy together during a Christmas concert. It was a proud and touching moment!

I recall Miss Nguyen as a very kind person. She is friendly, ambitious, strict and funny and she is able to spark a light in her students. If these are the ingredients for a good teacher, she definitely is one!

Thank you for everything and good luck!
— B. Junghanns, Johannes' mother
As a master baker from Duesseldorf, there is often not much time for recreation. However I had the great pleasure of having Tina as a piano teacher for myself and my two children. With her help I have restarted playing the piano after a 40 year break. Tina has helped me to find my way back into music and now I play the piano again almost daily and enjoy myself with some self played music. My children had great fun during the piano lessons and made great progress.
— J. Hinkel, Master baker
If you have Ms. Nguyen as a piano teacher, you should hold on to her. We would too but unfortunately the distance to Canada is too big.

Ms. Nguyen was our son’s first piano teacher. Like probably every 6 year old he did not always want to practice. Ms. Nguyen did not only find the right learning speed for him but was able to motivate and encourage him with her very unique kind way. Our highlight was the christmas concert at her place with cookies and home made punch. The children played pieces by turns, that they have learned for the concert. We were all very excited and enjoyed ourselves very much.

We want to thank Ms. Nguyen for the amazing lessons and wish her all the best and furthermore a lot of joy with music.
— M. Toelle, Max' mother