Tina Nguyen adapts her style of teaching to fit her students' individual needs to make every class engaging and enjoyable. She focusses on four different learning fields:

  • Cognitive: With her calm and patient personality, she always finds a creative and fun way to ensure, that even her smallest students can quickly understand musical principles. 
  • Motor: Piano playing calls for very specific movements of our fingers, hands, wrist and arms. For every pianistic challenge she will find an exercise that will help you to build the motor skills and muscles to master every task.
  • Emotional: Music is not about playing notes, but to express and feel emotions. She does not only help you to understand music, but will also teach you the skills you need to interpret music in your personal way.
  • Psychological: Having dealt with self doubt and performance anxiety herself she developed a deep yoga and meditation practice that helped her to overcome her struggles. By applying the same techniques, she has successfully helped many students to progress with their musical goals, to recite in public concerts or competitions.