At what age can my child start learning the piano?

This is a question that needs to be answered individually for each child. I start teaching children from the age of 4. Questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is my child interested in learning the piano?

  • Does my child enjoy music or dance?

  • Does it show interest towards musical instruments?

  • Does my child like to sing?

  • Can my child focus for a certain amount of time?

If you are unsure or have any further questions do not hesitate to e-mail me.

How high are your rates?

The rates depend on where the classes take place and how long the classes will be. For an individually calculated rate please send me an e-mail. 

Does it matter if I play on a traditional piano, a digital piano or a keyboard?

A keyboard is very different from a digital piano. Many keyboards do not have weighted keys, they have fewer keys or lack pedals. Digital pianos are designed to mimic a traditional one. This means at the start of the lessons a digital piano with 88 weighted keys does suffice for learning the basics however the spectrum of sound is very limited in comparison to an analog piano which means if the student continues and advances a digital piano should be upgraded.

Is it possible to start learning the piano as an adult?

100% yes. I always say that it is never too late to pick up an instrument. In my opinion non musical people do not exist. I will make sure to work tailored to your learning style and your musical interests. I had great success over the years with adult students who found great joy in finally having pursued their dream to learn the piano. 

How frequently should I or my child take piano lessons?

I recommend piano lessons once a week as this gives the student enough time to practice and review the previous lesson. For additional theory, history classes or exam or competition preparations biweekly lessons can be very valuable.